Project Description

Project: Brand Concept, Logo Design, Corporate Identity for Seaside A Lifestyle Resort
Location: Mononaftis, Crete
The Concept: Our agency was entrusted with the rebranding of Seaside Resort & Spa. The new direction of the design was inspired by the location of the hotel – on a rocky penisula over the sea- and the logo sign was created as a topography of the area including all the natural elements surrounding the experience. The sun, the sea, the wind and the beautiful sunsets as well as the S of the name. The typography was customized to imitate the waves of the sea and the colour palette was inspired by the natural environment and the new architectural design. The sign is divided in shapes inspired by the peninsula, the rocks, the sea surrounding it and the endless views of the location.
The corporate identity is designed in natural materials and colours to complement the environmental architecture and the ethos of the resort.
The previous logo was designed to show the Greek heritage but the new design aims to take the brand steps further: mindfulness, nature, understated luxury, privacy and soulful experiences in a unique location on the island of Crete.
The new subtitle of the rebranding process encompasses all of the above.
A resort that surpasses the limits of accomodation and becomes a topos for soulful experiences, spirituality, body rejuvanation, gastronomic and cultural discoveries as well as connecting with others.