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Brand Concept, Logo Design, Corporate Identity for Seaside A Lifestyle Resort

The Concept: The new direction of the design was inspired by the location of the hotel – on a rocky penisula over the sea- and the logo sign was created as a topography of the area including all the natural elements surrounding the experience.


Brand Concept & Design for Umi Restaurant

The Concept: A new dining experience for Acro Suites Wellness Resort & Seaside Resort & Spa. UMI was designed for the new restaurant that combines elements of modern architecture and asian influences. A clean typography with a geometrical sign that interconnects with the illustration of the fish creates the feeling of the space and the innovation in tastes.


Branding, Corporate identity & Verbal identity for ACRO Suites

The Concept: A brand with a special character, handmade elements and a boho chic identity to identify a space of unique architecture with cave suites, stone, wood, marble and water elements in full balance.


Brand Concept, Logo Design, Corporate & Verbal Identity

The Concept: Nema Design Hotel & Spa is the rebranding of Elysium Hotel Boutique Hotel. The owners along with the expansion of the 5 star hotel decided to proceed with a renaming and a rebranding of their uniquely designed resort. The main characteristic of the Hotel as well as the identity of the owners is Architecture & Design. So the challenge for the rebranding was to follow the architectural nature of the whole project.


Packaging Design & Brand Development for HEALTHY HARVEST

Healthy Harvest, a brand created by Ground branding agency. Branding with the Tzanis family company for agricultural products that boost crops, is today presenting its all new packaging designs.