Project Description

Project: Naming, Logo Design, Brand Concept, Corporate Identity for KALLINO Island Suites
Designer: Ground branding agency
Location: Syros, Greece
The Concept: A stunning and innovative initiative by a dedicated team that revitalizes buildings in the historic town of Ermoupoli, Syros, transforming them into exquisite holiday design suites. The name “Kallino” is inspired by the Greek verb “Καλύνω,” meaning “to beautify” or “to enhance.” This reflects the essence of their work: taking the old and making it new.
The logo’s symbol draws inspiration from the Kintsugi technique, which uses gold to repair and elevate broken items. This metaphorically represents a brand imbued with creativity and affection for restoration. The color palette and brand patterns are harmoniously aligned with the interior design and architecture of the suites.
Soon, Kallino Suites will be ready to offer unparalleled and unique stays, blending history with modern elegance.