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November 2016

Yes Please Kit


The Yes Please Kit / Secret Pleasure Box has just made its maiden appearance at EXPO HOTEL ATHENS where it gained a lot of interest. It is a box specially designed to provide relaxation to its owners. A series of "games" that awaken erotic moods and create an atmosphere of security and exploration between a couple. [...]

Yes Please Kit 2017-07-17T15:38:12+02:00

Eiffel Cafe Patisserie


A new sweet collaboration with the cosiest patisserie in town. Within the framework of Social Media Marketing, we are creating promotional actions for the new collaboration of Eiffel with the renowned chef Myrsini Lambraki, who will bring the audience of Heraklion a new menu with nutritious, delicious and healthy mornings! The new menu will be presented [...]

Eiffel Cafe Patisserie 2017-07-17T15:24:21+02:00