A strong marketing strategy is a key element to a strong brand. Marketing strategy is the combination of all your marketing goals into a comprehensive plan, which should be linked with your company’s mission and values. A strong marketing strategy is the first and most important step to creating a successful company. Although it’s tempting to jump straight to work and start designing logos and brochures, what’s more important is sorting out who your audience actually is, and creating a brand tailored to their needs. Having a firm grasp of who your clients are and what they care about, makes product development and marketing a lot easier.


The starting point of communication is the way we say something. Our discourse, which is the words and phrases we choose, and the writing style we use to convey a message. Your verbal identity is your brand’s language. It covers the names of your company as well as your products, your tagline, your company’s “voice” when communicating with your customers. In essence it is your brand’s personality. At Ground Branding we undertake the development of the language and style of your company, the writing of corporate texts for printed applications and the content creation for your website and social media pages.


Good and functional design alone, can take off a customer or a company. This is because emotions and conclusions are generated at the first glance. Here at Ground Branding we know this well, and we provide you with inspirational and targeted brand designing. Your visual identity is, along your verbal identity, one of the key components of your brand. It includes anything visual you brand uses, such as your logo, photos, fonts. Through targeted research of the market’s trends, and based on your specific target audience, we will create and help you choose a logo that will convey your values and ideals to your customers, and create a corporate identity for your company.


Marketing is all about inspiration, innovation, and most importantly making an impact on your target audience by knowing what truly connects you to them. From creating professional websites and e-shops, to writing social media content that grabs your audience’s attention, and designing original and creative packaging, our team will provide you with all the tools needed to deliver the best of your brand, so that your customers can experience it wholly.